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"It is an honor to recommend Lev Diagnostics for your consideration. Lev Diagnostics has provided our cardiology specialty group excellent clinical service for the past several years. They provide a wide range of services with a well-trained, highly professional nursing staff all of which are NASPE (North American Society for Pacing and Electrophysiology) certified. We have used their expertise for our pacemaker follow-ups, event monitors and ambulatory rhythm and blood pressure monitoring. They also provide us with an in-office pacemaker clinic on a monthly basis for more extensive pacemaker interrogation and adjustment. Our patients find them to be courteous and professional and we appreciate the seamless care they deliver to our pacemaker patients.

The attention to detail and responsible follow-up to patient problems is especially helpful. They call any abnormalities to our immediate attention and give us great confidence that our patients will receive timely and appropriate care. When needed they help us coordinate with manufacturer's representatives to problem solve device and lead issues which infrequently arise.

We have found it easy to work with Lev Diagnostics. It is a well-run organization offering quality care to patients and a terrific working relationship when teaming with physicians to provide timely and thorough care."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         William Benge, MD, Lake Heart Specialists

 We have discontinued to the monitor on the resident who was using it.  We did get reports indicating cardiac irregularities, MD has increased medications...great intervention! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                      S.S., Director of Nursing, Deland, FL

I must first thank you for your professional and efficient service to our facility. Your services offered to our residents are greatly appreciated and thus I thank you. I am also very appreciative of your patience here with us and your valuable time that was used to ensure service to our residents. Your dedication was exemplary as seen in you speedy return to attend to his care need. Again, thank you.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       A.B., Director of Nursing, North Miami Beach, FL


"I have worked with Lev Diagnostics since 2008. I am very pleased to say that their services have been reliable as well as responsive to our needs. What a wonderful pleasure to know that they take the time to come to our facility to complete all our residents pacemaker checks, document in residents charts and forward the results."

Merton Chumack, RN, Director of Nursing, Signature Healthcare of Gainesville, 2009



"I would strongly recommend using Lev Diagnostics for all your residents requiring pacemaker testing. These days nurses are so busy with paperwork and meeting the needs of the residents and families; this is the best assurance that the monitoring will not be overlooked."

Marilu Nelson, RN, Director of Nursing, Greek American Rehabilitation and Nursing Centre, 2007



"We have used Lev Diagnostics  since 2006. Their service has been excellent. The employees are friendly and efficient and we receive the reports promptly. We've found that our residents prefer this service."

Barbara Hutchens, RN, Director of Nursing, The Pavilion of Waukegan, 2007



"The Holland Home greatly appreciates the services of Lev Diagnostics in assisting our residents with routine pacemaker checks here so they are not burdened with having to go out of the facility to have this done. Thank you again for helping to give our residents a better quality of life by offering this service."

Beverly Hoitsma, RN, Director of Nursing, Holland Home



"I think this service is fantastic. It is easy to use with no effort on my part and I don't have to worry about time, effort, etc. Thanks for making it so easy!"

Ralfe S., Lev Diagnostics patient



"I appreciate the conveniences of your equipment. I'm 84 years old and it is very hard to make arrangements to get to the doctor's office. But I can do this testing on my own! Thanks again - it is really a big help to me."

Ruth S., Lev Diagnostics patient



"Your nurses are not only prompt, they are very pleasant - almost seems as if I'm their only patient."

Jeanne S., Lev Diagnostics patient



"Caring. Courteous. Efficient. Punctual."

Leonard G., Lev Diagnostics patient



"The system is convenient and easy to handle. Saves extra trips to the doctor's office. Your nurses are very pleasant and helpful."

Harold H., Lev Diagnostics patient



"I think it is great because it doesn't require a trip to the hospital and yet the doctor gets a report and all the information he needs!"

Robert R., Lev Diagnostics patient



"You always take care of my anxieties and questions with pacemakers ? you make me feel special and you do care."

Thomas C., Lev Diagnostics patient



"We appreciate that you serve us as well in Florida (approx. 5 months) as here in Illinois."

Paul J., Lev Diagnostics patient



"Lots better than other company earlier. Thank you."

Relsma A. , Lev Diagnostics patient



"We can never seem to adhere to our schedule set for us, but the staff has always taken us when we do call. They are always kind and helpful."

Betty K., Lev Diagnostics patient



"I have had my pacemaker since 1995 and only use your call service. You are all very professional and courteous!"

Nancy R., Lev Diagnostics patient



"This system is wonderful! So easy. So quick. And my reports are sent to my doctor right away. This is great!"

Ann W., Lev Diagnostics patient



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